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Are you frustrated with trying to stand out in a sea of saturation? It's a noisy social world out there ... time for you to stop wading in the shallow waters and go deep with your message. Because only YOU have that special calling to share with the world. Let's make it happen and transform your dreams of a bestselling book into reality by following proven systems and pathways to get there.


Hi, I’m Jessica DeBry.

I teach female entrepreneurs how to use my innovative Micro Book Method to write a bestselling book that catapults their business. I'm the bestselling author of Author Entrepreneur, a book coach, podcaster, and former cubicle-hating corporate gal turned entrepreneur.

I'm on a mission to help 10,000 women (like YOU!) become #AuthorEntrepreneurs and get their books into the world so that they can leverage their book magic to build the business they've always dreamed of. Hop in, girlfriend! Let's make you a bestselling author ... then celebrate together with spicy margs + nonstop Bravo reality shows on repeat, k?


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