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ATTENTION FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS + BIZ OWNERS: Get the book with the 5-step blueprint so that you can learn how to write, launch, and leverage a simple (and strategically short!) self-published micro book to maximize your impact and build a six-figure business.


📚What's inside Author Entrepreneur?

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your book dream a reality, Author Entrepreneur will show you step-by-step how to write, launch, and leverage a short nonfiction book that can catapult your business (or help you start one from scratch!).

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to make a big impact by going MICRO via the 5-step blueprint for becoming an Author Entrepreneur (including real-life examples)
  • The Micro Book Method: the complete framework for crafting a book that builds your business in only 5 chapters!
  • How to write a book in less than 12 weeks (even if you’re a master procrastinator or have no clue where to start!)
  • The foolproof proven bestselling book launch timeline to top the charts
  • How to turn readers into clients and customers with the perfect book-biz bridge

I know firsthand how exhausting being an entrepreneur can be...

...because for years, I did all-the-things and wore a million hats: Social media! Content creation! SEO! Blogging! Email list! PR pitches!

I had success but was EXHAUSTED from it all.

But then, I self-published my first book She Creates the Way and EVERYTHING changed.

Suddenly I had people reaching out to ME asking about my offerings. And requests to speak at events and on podcasts.

I call this the Book Magic Effect. It's the mystical, magical leverage of authority, credibility, and visibility that a book can bring into your biz (without doing ALL-the-things!).

Inside Author Entrepreneur, I share my proven book shortcuts so that you can become an #AuthorEntrepreneur and experience the magic that a book can bring to your business.

xo, Jessica DeBry

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Transform your book dream into 'Bestselling Author' reality...

...AND grow your authority, build your brand, and catapult your business with the magic of a book (talk about a win-win-win!🙌). It's all inside Author Entrepreneur.

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