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JUST LAUNCHED: Author Entrepreneur

It's time for you to learn the true MAGIC that a book can bring to your business and life! Join Soulfluential founder Jessica as she shares The 5-Step Blueprint to Write, Launch, and Leverage a Simple Self-Published Micro Book to Maximize Your Impact and Build a Six-Figure Business in Author Entrepreneur, available now on Amazon.

She Creates the Way

Authored by Soulfluential founder Jessica, this is the book that started it all! During launch week, She Creates the Way reached #1 on Amazon in the ultra-competitive category of Women & Business. The positive life and business shift that ensued afterward inspired Jessica to create Soulfluential Publishing.

Everyday Essentials

Rooted in the essential oils niche and one of the books launched within our group book program, Everyday Essentials peaked at #1 on Amazon in two different categories, making all contributors bestselling authors.

Live It Up

Author Bayode was inspired to share 40 lessons after celebrating her 40th birthday and readers took notice! Live It Up peaked in the TOP 0.3% of all Kindle books (14,672 out of over 6 million titles on Kindle). The book was a #1 Hot New Release in two categories and a #1 Best Seller in two categories (Service Industry and Business Consulting).

Spark Your Shift

Another book with multiple milestones reached, including #1 Best Seller in the Business & Money Service Industry category and a #1 Hot New Release in the Business & Money Media & Communications category. Spark Your Shift peaked at rank #7,273 out of all books in the Kindle store (out of over 6 million titles), putting it in the top 0.12% of all Kindle books!

Her Growth with God

Author Kelli Michele came to Soulfluential with a completed manuscript and a wish to rank on an Amazon Best Seller List. Wish granted! Her Growth With God reached the Top Ten in its Best Seller category list and Kelli continues to leverage her book for speaking gigs and events.

Diamond Mind

Sparkling right from the get-go, Diamond Mind was another book from our group book program and it reached several milestones during launch week. Not only was it a #1 New Release AND #1 on Amazon in two categories, but it also peaked at rank #3,332 out of all books in the Kindle store (out of over 6 million titles), putting it in the top 0.06% of all Kindle books!

Empty Besting

After dropping off her daughters at college, Kristi was left with an empty nest ... and a wishlist full of goals to cross off, including Bestselling Author. Wish granted! Empty Besting peaked in the Top 0.4% of all books on Kindle, was a #1 Hot New Release, and ranked in the Top Five on the Best Seller Charts of the ultra-competitive Parenting category.

[Insert Your Book Here]

Seriously! It's time to stop dreaming about making your book dreams come true and Make. It. Happen. When you work with Soulfluential, we welcome you with open arms into an amazing BFF book relationship that is guaranteed to make you a bestselling author.


A la carte services to help you transform your blank page into a bestselling book.

Book Coaching

Whether you're just getting started or have finished your complete manuscript, we're here to coach you through all the difficult hurdles that may arise. We offer coaching in: creating your book outline, crafting your unique message, writing your book manuscript, sharing your story, transforming readers into clients, self-publishing for success, etc.

Launching + Marketing

We’ve got launching a book down to a science. Because YOU deserve to be a bestselling author, girlfriend! Whether you want to be a #1 New Release or rank on one of the Best Seller lists on Amazon (or both!), we’ll walk you through our proven path. We can help with your launch week marketing plan, keyword research, category selection, and everything else necessary to make your amazing book a success on the Amazon charts.

Manuscript Writing

You know that your brand will benefit from a book, but you're feeling completely intimidated by the actual writing part of it all. Sound familiar? Let us handle your entire manuscript writing via our proven interview-to-ghostwriting method. We interview you over the phone, then use those interviews to write your book. It's similar to ghostwriting, but we use all of your ideas, your words, your voice.

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Our client list is currently full. Because of our unique concierge-level service and 1-on-1 work with Founder Jessica, we only accept a very small number of authors at a time. Please use the button below to be notified when we have a future opening.



For females, by females.

We offer the unique feminine angle to your book project that only your fellow female can provide.

We're soul-focused.

We understand that it's more than a book - it's your heart and soul poured into the pages. We're fiercely devoted to your creation and stand behind you and your story.  

You keep all of your book royalties.

You earned them, girl. Instead of taking a large portion of your royalties for life (like an old school publishing house), our services work on a front end flat-fee model, so that 100% of your book profits stay with you.


I'm so grateful. I couldn't have done it without Soulfluential!

"Wow! I have so much good stuff to say. Truthfully, before I started working with Jessica, I felt stuck. I had a book vision and had even started writing, but I didn't get very far! We were able to work together to complete my manuscript and now I'm only weeks away from publishing. I'm so grateful. I couldn't have done it without Soulfluential and Jessica!"

Stacy D.

Within six months I became a bestselling author.

"Prior to working with Jessica and Soulfluential, I had a bunch of words on paper I didn't have a clue as to how I was going to put those in a book. She made it so simple and so effortless, I have to say I was amazed. I did my part and within less than six months I was a published bestselling author. I’m now looking forward to writing my second book the experience was exciting. I can't wait to work with her again."

Sharon F.

I can’t recommend using Soulfluential Publishing enough!

"Jessica and Soulfluential have been nothing short of amazing. There was great communication and plenty of updates, keeping us informed of where we were and what was coming next. She gave us plenty of time and heads up for deadlines and was quick to respond to any questions. The entire process was seamless and enjoyable because of the hard work she put in on her end! I can’t recommend using Soulfluential Publishing enough! Don’t wait!"

Rachel A.


5 Lessons Learned From Creating 19 (and Counting!) Bestselling Authors


Buh-Bye Social Media Algorithms, Hello Books (Time to Shift - Here’s WHY)

It can be a noisy social world out there.

It's time for you to stop wading in the shallow waters and go deep with your message.

Because only YOU have that special calling that you can share with the world.

We help female coaches, creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs grow emotional connections with their audience via the world's most powerful medium - BOOKS.

Write your story.📚 Change the world.


I’m Jessica DeBry.

MBA-grad and corporate digital marketer turned entrepreneur. Over the past five years I’ve founded multiple profitable online businesses (and like nearly all entrepreneurs I've had my fair share of flops, too).  

But my most proud accomplishment is writing and publishing She Creates the Way, a #1 Amazon Bestselling book. Now, with Soulfluential Publishing, I’m on a mission to help 10,000 women get their books out into the world (including YOU!).

When I'm not working with my incredible clients, I'm chasing around my toddler son or binging Bravo. #sorrynotsorry

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